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Re-discover electronic gadgets and household appliances.

Get prices of laptops,phones,cameras,fridges amongst other electronic gadgets from over 15+ stores in Kenya selling electronic gadgets.
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Discover products prices from various supermarkets in Kenya.

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New Site Features
  • Improved UI experience.
  • AI integration to analyse searched item results. This way the exact item you searched is always on top of your search results.
  • Increased the number of E-comerce shops in our listing.
  • A dedicated server for data mining.
  • Google cloud hosting.
Upcoming Site Features
  • User sign in and products tracking.
  • Internal blog hosting.


Created by: Alexander Njogu

I built chekiprice to automate the process of finding products from online stores in Kenya. Imagine the frustration you get when you can't find a product on your favourite online platform.
Of course you can google but then you get results from the whole world.
Chekiprice narrows your search to only stores of a specific country.
If you like chekiprice.com or have a suggestion feel free to say hello.
Feedback is much appreciated!


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